Foundation Management, Inc. is uniquely poised to assist the community realize the rewards of philanthropy. FMI currently has over $350 million under management, representing fourteen family foundations, one statewide community foundation, one charitable foundation, one charitable trust and a public trust.

Family Foundations
The Philip Boyle Foundation
The Browning Kimball Foundation
The Cresap Family Foundation
The Cuesta Foundation
The Merrick Foundation
The Shaw Family Foundation
Eight anonymous foundations

Statewide Community Foundation
Communities Foundation of Oklahoma

Charitable Foundation
Women’s Foundation of Oklahoma

Charitable Trust
Oklahoma Educational Technology Trust

Public Trust
City of Muskogee Foundation


Frank Merrick's ability to develop and build a significant new foundation will be enhanced by his wonderful sense of humor.

— Jeanne H. Smith, MSSW
Trustee of The Inasmuch Foundation
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma