Management Services

Policy Development

FMI assists trustees and staff in creating basic tools of a professionally managed foundation:

  • Donor Intent Policy
  • Investment Policy
  • Administrative Policies and Procedures

Grant Making

FMI provides grant screening and evaluation by:

  • Communicating with potential grantees
  • Screening requests to assure they fall within the trustee guidelines
  • Distributing grant applications
  • Site visits to prospective grantees
  • Evaluating proposals
  • Following up on grants made to measure success
  • Verifying challenge grants
  • Tracking multi-year grants

Foundation Accounting

FMI provides the following services:

  • A monthly or quarterly balance sheet and an income and expenses/statement
  • Consolidate statements from multiple asset managers
  • Check writing and reconciliation with adequate checks and balances
  • Quarterly comparison of investment returns with established benchmarks
  • Provide monthly minimum distribution calculations

Asset Management

FMI is uniquely positioned to assist the trustees in selection and oversight of professional asset managers.

  • Advise in developing policy and setting asset allocation
  • Assist in screening and selecting managers
  • Monitor the performance of each manager compared to preselected benchmarks
  • Coordinate reporting meetings between managers and Trustees

Regulatory Matters

FMI will be responsible for keeping the foundations appraised of the legal environment and notify trustees of changes in law, that may effect the management of the foundation.

  • Prepare the filing of the 990PF tax return
  • Publish required public notices
  • Assist in keeping current the foundation minutes, trustees' policies and corporate documents
  • Advise on new and applicable government regulations

Other services

FMI is able to assist the foundation in a number of additional ways upon request.

  • Provide resource material
  • Circulate meeting announcements
  • Intra-generational training for trusteeship
  • Plan and facilitate trustee retreats
  • Work with trustees on special projects
  • Provide continuing education
  • Prepare board documents and agenda materials

Fees and Agreements

Annual fees for the listed services are one-half of 1 percent as determined on a fair market value of the foundation's assets. Payable monthly, the fees cover all ordinary and regular services performed by FMI.